Raptor Rescue Kenya is RRK’s volunteer group spread across the country which deals with various cases for rescue and first aid treatment before the birds are brought to our main Center in Nairobi.

Our work involves the rescue, treatment, rehabilitation and where possible the release of injured, sick or orphaned raptors in Kenya.

We are on call to deal with human-bird conflicts such as motor vehicle collisions, electrocutions, incidences of poisoning and illegal trapping.

The main aims of our rescue are:

• To ensure that raptor casualties are handled by competent people.
• To provide a central source of emergency assistance for the public.

CONTACT US if you see an injured, orphaned or abused raptor or bird in addition to our hotlines above we can be reached at:



If you find an injured bird of prey:
We provide direct assistance to the public who may find an injured, orphaned or sick Bird of Prey (OR other birds). Please Contact the Trust as soon as possible. Please Do NOT attempt to rehabilitate birds on your own. We can arrange FREE transport for injured birds.

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