KUMI – Melanistic Augur Buzzard (Buteo augur)

Kumi arrived at the Centre in December 2014 after being rescued in Kakamega,  a small town in Northern Kenya.

She was found strapped to the front of a motor bike driving around Kakamega district. Fortunately she was spotted by an animal lover and he persuaded the man to part with the bird and went well out of his way to get it to us. 

She had totally mutilated wings and tail. Beak and all talons clipped…a total mess, not to mention her malnourished emaciated state. The perpetrator had allegedly had the bird for 3 months, so obviously since a chick, and had been feeding her on soya-bean protein, not exactly a well balanced nutritious raptor diet. It took a little persuasion to get her to eat mice which clearly looked foreign to her.

She has gone from strength to strength, re-grown all her feathers, her beak and talons and is flying quite well. She is still in training at the center and we hope that in the not so distant future we can return her to the wild where she  belongs.


LIZZY – Lizard Buzzard (Kaupifalco mongrammicus)

Lizzy a mature Lizard Buzzard and her partner were trapped in Vipingo after their nest tree was felled. Whilst her partner came out of the ordeal unscathed, Lizzy sustained trauma to her right eye creating a retrobulbar abscess. In spite of treatment, she has sadly since lost sight in her right eye and is therefore not suitable for a wild release. She remains at the Centre as an education bird.