The following items and products are things that Raptor Rehabilitation needs to operate on a day to day basis. By purchasing and donating these items, you help us reserve our cash funds for food purchase, veterinary bills, and other expenses such as enclosure construction and maintenance.

Please ensure that your name and address are given with any donations so that we can send you a donation letter and thank you for your support!

Items are categorized below for easy reference:

What We Need


Plastic Rake

Wheel barrow

Cloth Duct tape

6” and 9” Cable ties – bags of 1000, preferably black

Galvanised binding wire

Work Supplies

Paper Kitchen Towels

General purpose disinfectant

Antibacterial liquid hand soap/Hand sanitiser

New brooms, dust pans & scrubbing brushes

Large scissors/kitchen shears

Laundry detergent

Spray bottles small & large (new)

Zip lock bags small & Large

Bird/Animal Supplies

Old or new towels or blankets

Metal or ceramic pet dishes


Straw/Hay for bedding

Medical Supplies

Gauze (all sizes)

Vet wrap

Surgical Spirit


Xray Machine

Syringes (1ml,2ml,6ml)

Disposable surgical gloves – M

Building Supplies

Staples for staple gun

Shade netting

Astro turf / Coil Carpet

Cordless drill

Office Supplies

Printer paper

Glossy photo paper

Ink 664 – Epsom (L365)

Laminator/laminating sheets