Raptor Rehabilitation Kenya is a not-for-profit organisation based in Kenya. We work toward and support the conservation of Kenya’s raptors through rearing of orphans, wildlife rehabilitation and community education.

On this site you will find information about us, information on our raptor rehabilitation facilities, contact persons and how you can become involved in helping our wildlife.

Raptor Rehab Kenya, was formed to: Rehabilitate injured raptors, raise orphaned birds of prey, and increase public awareness about the importance of raptors and conservation of birds of prey.

We are an all volunteer group dedicated to the rehabilitation of sick, injured and orphaned birds of prey. We rely solely on our dedication and commitment to these birds and the generosity of our supporters.

Our Goals

  • To rehabilitate, raise and release birds of prey back into the wild.

  • To educate the public about raptors and their importance in our environment.

  • To educate the public on the harmful use of pesticides and poisons on birds of prey and the future of these birds.

  • Raise the public profile of raptors through increasing scientific knowledge

  • Identifying and assisting in the conservation of areas of critical importance within and outside protected areas.