Our dedicated raptor hospital has changed faces over the years, each time enhancing its capacity. The facility includes a well lit and equipped treatment area, an intensive care unit and a high dependency unit that can accommodate a variety of birds.

Entrance to the facility is restricted to keep disease transmission and stress to a minimum in line with our core objectives.


The team consists of experienced veterinarians from Rottcher Veterinary Surgery, rehabilitation staff, assisted by volunteers and interns. Our primary objectives are to rescue, rehabilitate and release where possible as many raptors back to the wild.

This begins with stabilising the bird from shock. Once our veterinary team have completed medical care for the bird, we provide appropriate nourishment, determining the caloric requirements of each bird and presenting the correct amount and type of food for each raptor and its condition.

Daily treatments include wound dressing, antibiotics, fluids, daily medications and tube feedings where necessary. We also perform physical therapy to ensure that joints don’t get too stiff and that muscles maintain strength.

We continue to develop and seek new methods of raptor husbandry; and improved ways to house and handle raptors.


 Pre-Release Preparation

After discharge from hospital the bird of prey enters a physical conditioning program. This often involves manual manipulation of injured limbs to relieve scar tissue and joint stiffness.

The bird then undertakes flight training and fitness in a large flight cage that allows for free-flight, this is used in conjunction with falconry techniques to condition the bird ready for release.